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"I went blue whale snorkelling on Saturday and had an amazing experience! We saw several whales and had a chance to swim with them — awe inspiring. The two crew were great at finding the whales and getting us close to get in the water with them. A great experience!"

Bob, Indonesia

"Went whale snorkelling with these guys and was quite nice. Spotted blue whales, pilot whales and dolphins!"

Ram A, UK

"Swimming with green turtles. I took a Tuk-Tuk to this dive centre in early March simply to enquire about organising a snorkling trip. I was especially interested in seeing turtles. Within 10 minutes I was in a boat with 5 other tourists. Water visibility was not the best that day but, as promised, as well as seeing a large variety of fish we got to swim with 2 Green turtles. We were able to follow each one for quite a while and even could hand feed them with the special type of sea weed they like. Our 2 experienced guides collected the weed for us on the sea bottom and the turtles willingly approached us to be hand fed- a wonderful experience. The 2 guides made sure everyone had a turn and were very good in guiding us."

James M, Greece

"A once in a lifetime experience! I did the whale watching/snorkeling trip with them and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The guys are so helpful and enjoy their work. They make sure you see the whales no matter what. It was a “not so lucky, but also very lucky” day. The first 5 hours we just floated on water without seeing anything. Then all of the sudden a group of at least 40 dolphins showed up. And the whales came too. We ended up seeing 5 whales, and snorkeled with some of them up close. It was a life changing experience. Just trust the guys. They know what they are doing!!!"

Caroline PangYue, USA

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